Our Story

TimeHolders,LLC is a small family owned business started in 2019. We are located in a rural community in Rush County, Indiana where we have lived for our entire lives. Because family and friends are very important in our lives, we wanted to create a business that would provide well-made products that are personalized to capture and/or share in the memories of those special moments throughout your life. We enjoy creating unique products that will are sure be cherished and become family heirlooms. Gifts for births, graduations, weddings, retirement, holidays and everything in between can be created in our shop.


TimeHolders,LLC prides itself in providing products that are made from high quality materials that are prepared, assembled, and finished with great care.  Besides the many standard shop tools, hand and power, we use a CNC router and a laser to ensure the accuracy needed in providing a quality product. It will always be a part of our mission to create a product that will be appreciated by you and future generations for the thoughtfulness and craftsmanship that went into it.


Of course, these tools and high quality materials are useless without the want and desire of our family members to create these unique, memory holding products. Our family members have been blessed with many great childhood memories from supportive grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, and friends. Their willingness to be involved in school and community events has given them an appreciation for the times we share with others and the importance of holding on to those times.

Gary Hoeing
Owner/ Operator
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